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The Patent Chambers "Dr. Andrzej Au & Co." was established in 1990 as a succesor of the old former office of  Patent Attorney Dr. Andrzej Au (1911-2002), who has been willing to be patron, cofounder and associate member of the present office.


Till 1967 Dr. Au was representative of national and foreign mandators, who formely gave him orders to execute in the field of the protection of industrial property. The unintended interruption of his practise through tolitarian authorities´ fault  ended a more than thirty years long activity of Dr. Au as free agent. He has been engaged before the last war, in 1934, in the acting since 1905 office of Patent Attorney Dr. Eng. Marian Kryzan, at first as translator and then as patent agent trainee, whereby after the death of Dr. Kryzan in 1934, this office has been taken over by Dipl. Eng. Feliks Winnicki. After 1945 Dr. Au has taken over this office from dead Ing. Winnicki as chartered patent attorney.


Therefore, our office has above hundred years old tradition and experience in the management of cases in the field of the protection of industrial property and unfair competition.


Besides Dr. Au, the cofounders of our office have been the following patent attorneys:

M.Sc. Eng. Jerzy Łuczak;
M.Sc. Eng. Marek Passowicz;
late Eng.Mirosław Szykuła;
late M.Sc.Krzysztof Twardowski;
M.Sc. Eng. Anna Wachowiak.


Curently, Marek Passowicz, Anna Wachowiak are the sole co-partners of our Office.

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